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About Us
We perform wholesale of underwear products for men – women – children as ILKE IC GIYIM TEKSTIL SAN. ve TIC.LTD through the knowledge and the experience that had been accumulated within 26 years. We endeavour to manufacture always the best by expanding our product range day by day with regards to the requirements of our customers. The greatest factor behind the fact that we have been the company, which had made a name for itself in the textile sector in a short period of time, is the “quality policy” we have adopted and the “sales policy” that is applied in conjunction, without any doubt.   
Our company, which especially abstains from the use of every type of dyes, raw materials and accessories that could threaten the health of human being, continuously carries out product tests in various laboratory environments in order to avoid use of carcinogenic substances as this is one of the greatest problems of recent years.
ILKE IC GIYIM, which increases its production volumes even more and  everyday, continues with its production without waiving its principles incessantly. It also greatly contributes for the “employment” issue